Stranded in the Mountain

Here is the comment that the blogger over at Stranded on the Mountain posted to her blog review that I posted earlier today.
Kathleen Marie said...
Hummm,I do have an archive section at the bottom of the left hand side. Hopeless romantic? I don't think so. It was a sweet review though but doesn't really reflect my blog. Thank you though!Kathleen (not Kathy...never have, never will go by Kathy ☺)
So I missed the archive happens...and as for the review of the blog this is what I wrote:
This is a scary blog title until you click into it and see that this blog is about a helpless romantic Kathy and her passion for her family, her God[if you look at her profile which is as follows:"Welcome and thank you for stopping by. A little about me: happily married, mother of four, grandmother of one, writer and poet. I like sunrises and sunsets, the ocean, the trees and the sky above me. I write, read, crochet and do a little gardening. I love my family, my kids, and in general I love my life! I am very, very blessed." you would see how I'd get the impression of a romantic...writers and poets are often romantics as well as folks who love sunrises and sunsets..etc...etc], pretty awesome picture taking is going on in this blog[ Again I refer to her blog with photos taken and her love of photography clearly stated]. The only thing I can't tell is if it is a new blog or not because there is no archive section that I see[My fault]. Liked the blog alot...nice job! [Used I'm cranky]
It has to be understood that I obviously don't read these blogs everyday as many of our friends and family do and I might not get the full story all the time...I will say that I often revisit alot of the blogs that I review because I find that they are entertaining and well done...When I get a blog for review I do just that...I look to see if it is horrible beyond belief...if it is not then I make sure that things like sitemeters and such are added so that the blogger can gauge traffic and readers...I offer advice on advertising and placement of ads...I offer some constructive criticism...If the blog is a good blog then I write the review based on a god blog...if it is a great blog then I report on that...
The whole reason I started this blog was to help bloggers and to point more traffic in the bloggers direction because I think that bloggers put alot of time and effort into their blogs and deserve readership and recognition. If I can help in that effort then that makes me happy...I put alot of time and effort into this blog as well...and I'm not sure how to take Kathy's comments...I find them alittle condescending and rude...If I had one of those crazy Mood Widgets on my blog right now it would say Cranky with a capital C!! Stranded on the Mountain indeed...I SAY GOOD!


Sheri said...

ouch! well - maybe some people cant take any critique... whether it be good or not so good.

I think what you're donig is great. 100% support from me.

Sayre said...

That sounded like a nice review to me... KATHLEEN doesn't really have much to complain about. The only thing that made me wonder was the "helpless" romantic, but I suspect that was a typo (it happens) and should have been "hopeless".

I enjoy reading your blog, as it often leads me to new ones that I enjoy.