Stop the World I want to get off!

Stephanie looks to be struggling alittle with theme issues. It says it is dedicated to debt free living and I see not too many posts about that topic. The blog aside from the theme is OK, but since you specified that dedication I think you should be post alot more about it. Your success in achieving your you are doing that....etc. I'd also try to jump start your goal to living debt free with adding some adsense and/or adbrite type of ads on your blog and pay per post is another good one to help generate revenue to apply toward that goal. Finance and debt blogs are very popular and I think if you tweaked it more toward that angle you'd see alot of interest grow.

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Stephanie said...

Wow that was fast! I do pay per post and a few other things. The links/buttons are filed under "reducing debt with," but you are right about the theme matching the posts. Need to think about that one!