Spot on

Dog lovers unite! This blog about 2 great danes and the family that lives with them is a pretty cool blog and was actually started to keep friends and family up to date about daily life and it's events that fill it. It's clear to see that it morphed into a blog that now includes lots of "extended" friends from around the world. I have to say God bless you for having 2 great danes...I struggle with my son's hermit crab! I will have to say the dogs are beautiful and majestic looking. Keep the talent coming and keep on blogging!


Shaz said...

Tank you, I guess we are gonna be around for a while & at least as long as our dogs give us reason to post x x x

Claire said...

Great review Shaz and well deserved, even though you keep tagging me!

Anonymous said...

I love Shaz's little place on the web too - I've already told her I wish we weren't so far apart (an ocean) as I'd be at her place all the time - all 3 Danes could play while we sat on her nice new back patio with some refreshments! :-)