Shaken...not stirred.

This is listed on Bond's profile page:
About Me
Just an old soul who decided he needed a place to express himself and stumbled into blogging.
Can you think of any better way to describe blogging? Bond's blog is all about his thoughts...opinions...and ideas. The blog was started around this same time last year and it's funny to look at his American Idol recaps of this year as compared to last year. This is undoubtedly an interesting and busy blog so make yourself comfy on the big leather couch and have some fun. Great job bond! Keep up the good work.


Bond said...

Thanks Billy... Appreciate the review

Skittles said...

He does indeed have a busy blog.. great review!

Coco said...

Kudos for Bond the Couch! Thanks for reviewing this amazing blog. One of the most diverse and interesting there is.

Desert Songbird said...

Always thought-provoking, often amusing, NEVER boring...that's our man Bond.

Travis said...


Sitting on The Couch is one thing I look forward to on a daily basis.

And the cool thing about The Couch is that it's a place where people can disagree without being disagreeable.

Thanks for the great review of my pal.

Tisha! said...

lounging Bond's Big Leather Couch is soooo comfy!

julie said...

**jumps up and down clapping wildly**

Yup, yup, yup...we love out V-man!!

damm said...

lacks a moose head. other than that, perfect.