Rhett's Journey

Here is a blog that hits you right in the heart. A blog about Rhett who is not yet 2 years old yet who has Down Syndrome and the family and mom who loves him so much! This mom lost her job because of a rotten district manager because she took 4 weeks off while Rhett was in the hospital. To get the full story read her post, THE HOLIDAYS. I have to say that this is the perfect example of what I write about in Monetized Mondays where a blogger could use some help, and with the right ad and revenue structure set up could help to supplement the lost income that this family probably needs. I'd set up some more adsense on your site and Adbrite is another good one along with Text Links. In a case like this with lots of opportunity for revenue on your blog you can have the possibility of making some extra money. Now for the blog itself, I think it is a fantastic way to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and special needs children and I think it is important for others to realize that people shouldn't feel sorry for you or your child or your family, but instead support and understand what Down Syndrome is all about. Parents who have children who have Down Syndrome or Autism or anything like that are blessed in my opinion because these children are so special and unique that they open your heart and your eyes to so much. Fantastic blog and keep up the great work!

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