Pissed off Housewife Critique

Anger management seems in order here as the Pissed Off Housewife gripes and complains about how her child's school is ripping her off and bleeding her dry in School fundraising makes me screech!
Come to think of it...I'd be pissed off too! Don't get the wrong idea about this's not all ranting and raving...the posts keep your interest and the blog itself is set up nicely. One constructive criticism I might offer is to limit your labels. Maybe pick a few topics and put each post in it...don't have one label for "My nose is running today" and then one for "My kids crayoned on the wall" because before you know it, and it's already happening...your label section will take over you sidebar...other than that I liked the blog alot and think you're headed in the right direction.

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