News from the world of Billy Mac

Hello everyone...just wanted to thank you al for your patience and let you all know that I finally resolved the problems with my new laptop and my wireless Internet card. It took 5 days and alot of hard work on Cingular Wireless and Best Buys end...I will have to say Cingular won the war of customer service on that one.

I wanted to thank everyone who is participating in Monetized Mondays and urge everyone to pay attention to and raise awareness of bloggers advertisements.

Also...I am feeling very Paula Abdul lately...these blogs that people are submitting are all so good it is hard to find anything bad to say...doesn't anyone have any bad blogs out there so I can be more like Simon alittle? "I don't mean to be rude, but that is absolute rubbish" Anyway thanks to everyone who is submitting. Bloggers are the best!

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