Mother's Home Blog Critique

Our second place winner for this weeks Monetized Mondays has submitted her blog for review and I'm glad she did. Only a few months old and already she's creating some buzz. Doing all the right things to improve her traffic and succeeding in blog monetization. It's interesting to see her first post is about becoming a 6 figure blogger and I say Amen! If you wish to make money with your blog then more power to you. Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger has an interesting article about 6 figure blogging for anyone interested. Mum's blog is well on her way to blog riches I hope and I want to thank her for submitting to the contest and thank you for submitting your blog for review...I hope everyone stops over to say hello!


Skittles said...

I stumbled across her blog about a month ago and thought it was so cute how she was adding up her earnings (2 cents at the time, I think) and her readers (2 again) that I did a post about her and got some people going that way.

She's a wonderful lady with a good sense of humor :)

Claire said...

I agree with Skittles!
She is very funny and is trying her best to earn that milliion!