Dirk from, Eddie Are You Kidding? has all the right moves in place. First off let me congratulate him on his upcoming winning of the Best Blog Of The Day Award! Dirk has also been featured on several other blogs that review, critique, and comment on, other people's blog. I am happy that he submitted his blog to Critique My Blog because it is no doubt on of the coolest blogs I've gotten to review in a long time. I love the style of the blog and Dirks writing keeps the reader engaged and you find yourself being pulled into this bloggers...well...Karma. Dirk has also done his fair share of blog awarding and reviewing himself as shown in this Christmas Week posting about his Eddie Awards. Hopefully you;ll keep CMB in mind for your next reward post :). Great job and keep up the fantastic work!


skeet said...

Heh! Dirk was the first "new" friend I made when I started blogging last year. Prior to that I had been reading old friend's blogs, but Drik dropped in for a visit one day and I've been addicted ever since. He has never disappointed. Everything he posts is chock-full of heart and soul and his sense of humor keeps me in belly-aching laughs. His popularity is well-earned.

PS - Aloha from a fellow PCO doing TIR's for real estate transactions in Hawaii. Bookmarked your other blogs for later reading, but really like what I see so far. :0)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Very good blog!