Hard Rock Bands

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Where was about 10 years ago when I was playing in a cover band at the Jersey Shore to hundreds of people and trying to develop our original stuff? If you are in a band of just about any type, whether it be Hard Rock Bands , hip-hop, or country, this site is for you. There is a section for bands or artists to set up a profile of their stuff and some cool upcoming features will complete this fantastic site. You will have access to a CD Creator and a Music Player as well as music classifieds! SO what if you are looking for original bands? You can also create a profile and find some of the coolest and best artists and bands on the scene today. is by far on of the most progressive sites out there for the band or artist who wants to promote their band to move it forward. Imagine a place where you can basically have a virtual demo pack for agents and record labels, a place to go in case your drummer leaves and you need to find a new one, a place that every band and and band promoter needs. Yes...10 years ago I would have killed for a site like . Fast Forward to today, instead of using the artist features I have to use the listener features, but that's ok because there is still some rock and roll left in this blogger!

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