Geat blog for Parents

Keeping with the theme of family and children, our next blog is about fun activities to do with your 0-5 year old covering everything from cooking to crafts, fun with construction paper, fun for preschoolers, kindergarten children, it covers it all! I love it having a 3 year old myself, it is a great place for me and my wife to get good ideas. (What did we all do before the Internet?) As for the blog itself it is beautifully done with a catchy template and good design. Nice job and continued success! You can also check out her personal family blog here. Stop in and say hello.


Revka said...

Thank you! I'm particularly glad to hear your good opinion of the design. That's a relief. :)

Karen is Thrifty said...

I think Revka does such a great job on both of her blogs.