First step

Iris brings us a inspirational blog where she uses the blog platform as almost a self help tool. She does a fantastic job of projecting problems and struggles she has dealt with in her life and puts the in written form. It's a real, honest to goodness, journal where she goes in depth about where she's been...where she wants to go...and how she's going to get there. Excellent job and well done Iris. Keep up the good work.
Her other blog is a fun and witty look on observations and things in general...When I opened the blog the first blog that hit me was about Rachael Ray...Yummo!


Crunchy Carpets said...

Whoo hoo...she is one of the few actually sites that I subscribe too...she rocks in her honesty and humour.

Anonymous said...

Iris is da Bomb! LOL! I love reading Iris' blog... she's so open and honest. It's like sitting down with an old friend and having a good heart-to-heart chat.