Psychology News and Research Briefs

What's important to you when searching for a doctor, more importantly, a therapist or counselor? Is it trust? How about finding that therapist? Where do you turn and how do you find one? Do you thumb through the Yellow Pages like your shopping for an air conditioner or do you research a little more diligently than that? Would a place where you can get psychology news and Research Briefs be important? Would a company that's been around since 1996 and has a track record of success for matching counselors and therapists with the people who are looking for them matter to you? A place to go online that is so user friendly you simply type in your zip code and the problem you are experiencing and you are on your way. How about a website that offers mental health resources also? Does all this sound like a place you can trust to research and find a therapist in your area that you can trust and build a relationship with? Can you see yourself trusting a resource that has been helping people for over 10 years to find the help that they are seeking? If so then you have to visit and begin your search with peace of mind.

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