Fiancial Odyssey Blog Critique

Another one of my favorite topics is talked about in this blog about having debt and getting out of it...all while trying to reach financial freedom. I personally like the philosophy of Dave Ramsey who is a famous debt counselor and financial planner on the radio and television. He says get money to pay off debt at every opportunity. SO my next question is...why not use this blog as a tool to get money to pay of your debt. Start an adsense your traffic and page rank gets better, sign up for adbrite and pay per post. Make sure you have added your blog to google's search engine, it's free and easy and is a great way to start adding readers and page rank. Then submit to sites like Critique My Blog and Bobby's at Bestest Blog and promote your site via link exchanges. Ask other blogs that are in your same genre to exchange links with you and try to get linked in blogs that have a high ranking themselves. John Chow is another good site for this. The content of you blog is excellent and god luck with the journey. Another thing to do is post on a regular basis....don't let your blog go flat. Nice job and keep up the good work!

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