Do you know what it means to miss "greater" New Orleans.

I've visited New Orleans and loved the was a stop off on my honeymoon cruise. I was horrified when I saw the destruction that Katrina broke my heart. George is using his blog as a way to reach out to people to bring attention to the suburbs of New Orleans (for lack of a better word) and the need to more attention being paid to these areas. Using a blog as a platform for change is a fantastic use of the Internet and a blog because it can potentially reach millions of people...the problem I see here is that this blog need more traffic. With only 700 visitors since its inception, I think the message if falling short of the attention it needs. Stop over and read what George is proposing...See if you agree and/or support his message. The whole area of New Orleans and the surrounding area was devastated and his message makes sense.
One thing on a critical should try to refresh your content every so often to keep your blog in the Google next blog roll, and if you hadn't done so sure to add you blog to googles search engine.

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