Into fashion and all that is trendy? Love Style and the newest in thing? Then you have to check out this...well...diary of a mad fashionista. How can you not at least peak at a blogger who starts most posts with "Dahling"? Truly a cool blog with great commentary on fashion and life.
Also check out the ebay store that is associated with this blog. EBAY STORE. Well done fashionista. Keep up the good work.

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Hoardmeister said...

Dahling, you have simply MADE my day, which has been simply horrendous. My personal assistant dropped coffee on the computer keyboard (she says it's because I was yelling at her, but I rarely raise my voice above a low husky whisper! Idiot.), so she had to go buy me a new one, and of course since it was coming out of her pay she chose the cheapest one. I sent the baggage out immediately to get the proper keyboard, and it's been downhill from there...

Until I read your fabulous critique! Thanks ever so!