Crunchy Carpets Blog

Oh boy...when I saw this one come across my inbox I wasn't sure what to think. When I clicked on the blog I was glad to see that it was a blog chock full of information and stories about the life and times of this super mom...not sure if I should categorize this as a mom blog or a parenting blog. Let's call it a parenting blog and give the dad's a break (they are way behind). Anyway the blog is entitles Crunch Carpets...clean socks are a privilege, not a right. In her sidebar she has categories arranged as Crunchy Children...Crunchy Life...And Crunchy Parenting. There are some cool reviews of parenting products including this reviewing a cool book that I will be ordering for my little ones who live on noodles and mack and cheese. I invite you to enter the Monetized Monday contest as your blog is set up greatly for this. Great job and I'll be back for pointers.


Crunchy Carpets said...


I sure do appreciate the kind words regarding my little slice of chaos.

Kai said...

It's the best chaos on the web!


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Yeay crunchy!!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I love my daily dose of Crunch!
Congrats to her for a great review.