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Credit is a touchy subject these days. We go back and forth with good credit, bad credit, credit reports, how to get credit, who has the best credit rating. One thing is for sure...we all need credit. There is no doubt about it in today's economy if something big breaks and you don't have a cushion put away then you need credit. There are alot of people who live paycheck to paycheck and need the access to credit for those "just in case" times in their lives. It's inevitable that a refrigerator will break or the heater goes out or the pipes freeze and burst and thank goodness you have the credit to get you by. Now the question is this. What happens when you have bad credit? What happens if you've messed up on your credit or unfortunately went bankrupt and now things are better...except your credit. Where do you turn? Is there a offers such a thing as Bad Credit Home Loans? Absolutely! The folks at can help you find just what you are looking for in regards to credit and bad credit. You can research and get advice or just look. Take advantage of this information rich site today!

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David said...

Subprime loans put Arizona state in spotlight
Ariz. ranks No. 2 in high-interest mortgages.

Arizona ranks No. 2 in the country for the highest percentage of subprime loans, those risky, high-interest mortgages that grabbed national headlines last week with the announcement that delinquencies and defaults are rising.