I have a soft spot for cooks and chefs as my brother in law is an executive chef at a restaurant in New Hope, PA. I know that it takes alot of work and long days and dedication. Looks like Mags has a passion for cooking and blogging. I can tell this by the way the blog is written and the pics in the post I just looked at. Great job with the blog and wish we could all have a taste of that cookin! Good luck and keep on blogging!


Skittles said...

Mags has a terrific blog!!!

Brian in Mpls said...

I agree great blog

DinaLove said...

I want to be Mags when I grow up.

Claire said...

Mags is cool!
If you haven't visited yet, why not?

Mags said...

8) YOU guy are cool!

I just came by to see the latest reviews and scrolled down to read mine (I know, I'm a geek) and what nice comments!!

I love my blog friends.