cheap India calling cards USA

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Calling cards have been around forever, or at least as long as I can remember. I remember using them when I was away at camp and had to use the pay phone and it seemed like I was punching in a million numbers just to make the call. Today there is Pingo, a calling card that is user friendly and saves you money. Now if you are an international caller it gets even better, if you are looking for international prepaid phone calling cards then you've come to the right place! Some features of Pingo calling cards is that you can bypass the 10 digit pass code on phones that you use on a regular basis like your home or cell phones, there is automatic recharge as well as managing your account online so you always have control of your account, you can set you own account number and pin. How about saving money you ask? You can save money by referring friends. They have great rates as well. What would it cost to call from the United States to India and what would the calling card rates be? Log on to find out. This is no doubt the way to go if you call long distance or rely on calling cards to make your long distance call. Log onto Pingo today and get the information you've been looking for and finally start saving some money!

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