Blublood blog critique

This cool and edgy blog has one of the most eye catching templates I've seen in a while...the posts are written by Blublood from Kansas City about his life and times. It's easy flowing and has a regular guy feel to it, which is great. I like the straight from your thoughts to the page quality it has. Nicely done and keep up the good work. Only thing is your adsense links on the bottom of the page should be switched to the top.

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Blublood said...

Just wanted to say a big thanks to the nice compliments you gave me about my blog. Cool & Edgy, I like that!!!! I redesigned the template myself to fit my likes and make it easy on the eyes and apparently it has worked. Thank you so much once again and I will be coming back to see what others out there have to offer. I really like your critiquing system...