This blog is a real "grab ya by the heart and open your eyes" kinda of blog. Michelle' daughter Kayla has Down Syndrome and her blog is dedicated to raising awareness about Down Syndrome and Michelle's great love for this little princess. I worked with children and adults who have Down Syndrome at one time and my wife currently works with Autistic children, no matter what the child has, one thing is always clear. They are all gifts from God. Michelle's blog is "spot on" in every way and the writing and "story" is captivating. Stop over and say hello. I also would like to mention that Michelle is a consultant for Discovery Toys. Why not have a look there too.


Michelle said...

thank you for your kind words!

Catch said...

As a faithful reader of Big Blueberry Eyes, I agree with you wholeheartedly....Michelles blog is very captivating!