Are we worthy?

How can I possibly critique a famous writer who's been written up in the New York Times? I feel honored that Lexa Rosean would want to be listed on CMB and all I can say is that her blog and her website is worth a visit. On Lexa's website is a Bio of her that is more than interesting and on that website you can see some of the write ups about her and the books she has written...Talk about an extreme and interesting've got to check out this blog and her web site...also, through the website there is another to another blog. Thank you for your critique request...but I have to step aside and let the bloggers that visit here check your stuff out and get a taste of a hip and interesting writer in the true sense of the word.

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Lexa Roséan said...

thanks billy
this was a great write up. I really appreciate it and glad to see you are back and in full swing!
many blessings