altjiranga mitjina

First off let me say thank you to John for his kind comments on his blog...Having said that I want to take a crack at what I think the title of his blog means and hopefully he'll correct me if I'm wrong. Altjiranga Mitjina eludes to the experiences held by the members of a certain community and the state of conciseness out of which this experience is possible. Can that mean the community of bloggers in the blogosphere and the blogoshere itself? Well...I gave it a shot. My advice is to check out John's blog. It's full of all kinds of interesting stuff. like Book Fun, Rock and Roll History, and Word A Day. If you are a reader you will especially like this blog as you and John will have alot in common. Great job and keep on blogging!


JohnH985 said...

Thanks for the kind words. Your definition of altjranga mitjina is right on the money, but I never really considered its fitting with the blogsphere and blogs, but it works really good. I like it.

Skittles said...

Wow! Now we all finally know what it means!! Me & john like a lot of the same authors.