New for Monday

Details of my blog:

Content: A collection of random musings on music,
(from a center-right conservative perspective, art,
cheeky videos and a personal anecdote or two.

The site was initially a way for me to archive links o
f things I really
had interest in, and when I had the opportunity to
turn it into a blog,
I jumped at the chance.

Weakness: I have too many interests, and it looks like
I try to be all
things to all people. I'm not, but it can come off the
wrong way with
all this info hitting you!

I can't say how many readers I have for sure,
but I'll start keeping
statistics soon enough.


Lae said...

hi, my new adress: :) I've been moved change link plz... Good Luck

txdave said...

I'm trying to help out and pick up where you left off.

See my blog