A Thank you from Critique My Blog and Billy Mac

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the support and interest you've shown in Critique My Blog. As of noon today we've had 4,555 visitors. Not too shabby for only being 3 months old. That growth is in large part attributed to Bobby's Bestest Blog Of The Day award and I thank him and his efforts in bringing traffic and acknowledgement to bloggers worldwide.

So far Critique my Blog is visited between 150 and 200 times a day and the visitors have viewed a whopping 9,189 pages since August! This is only possible because of you, the blogger. I have always said that blogging is a fantastic media outlet and a great way to express yourself and it's been a pleasure reviewing everyone's blogs and hopefully referring traffic your way so others can enjoy your creativity. I urge you to pass the word on to your friends in the blogosphere about Critique My Blog as I am happy to review and offer criticism and help along the way. It's been on several occasions that a suggestion I made want understood by the blogger or there was some technical advice the blogger needed and emailed me and I helped as best I could. I welcome emails from the readers and if there is any way I can help I am happy to.

Moving forward there is a lot that will be happening with Critique My Blog. Over the next few weeks I'll be switching over to Beta and updating the lagging sidebar. There is also some fun activities for the bloggers at Critique My Blog that will be touched upon near the end of the month. SO keep your eyes open for that announcement.

Again I'd like to thank you all and wish you all continued success in your blogging endeavors.


Anonymous said...

wow congratulations billy, that is wonderful! bee

Barb said...

We thank you, Billy. For bringing visitors to our blogs and for showcasing other blogs, most of which we might never have stumbled upon.

Thanks to you and Bobby, I've gotten over 1,000 hits in just over two weeks. Simply amazing!

I was one of those who wrote asking for technical advice, and although you didn't have the answer for me, you were so kind and quick with your reply.

We love ya, Billy =)