Hear Ye Hear Ye...She's back! Let me start off by apologizing to Barb for inadvertently deleting her critique after bringing the blog down from the sticky post. I also apologize for just now getting around to re-reviewing her blog. Some regular visitors may remember Barb as having doubts about her blog and it's popularity or readability. I have to say that after heading over there and checking it out again it is still as interesting and wonderful as it was the first time I looked at it. You are keeping the posts fresh and the sidebar looks great. Keep it up and keep on blogging!!


Barb said...

Thanks for encouraging to keep going!

Rose said...

I enjoy Barb's Blog. I'm not sure why she would give up?

Anonymous said...

Yah! Barb rules and should totally not quit!!!

She gives me a chuckle or strange things to ponder....

AND she added me to her faves!!

She is Aplus on my list!!!

hee hee

(no go critique my sad blog!!)