Broken Heel

Where do I start...for one thing...You are able to name your blog one thing and have your url named another....something shorter...If someone likes your blog and forgets to save it then he or she has to remember the name of your blog and how to spell it correctly to get back to you. Next thing I would do is add more adsense to your blog to make some more money as it is clear that is the motive here. Get out of debt! I would also experiment with affiliate programs like amazon and others. You can sell other people's products on your web site and get a commission if people buy it from your site. Check out for examples. If you are looking to increase your traffic then I'd also list your blog with Bobby at and for starters. This should help to get the ball rolling. Another help is Darren at for lot's of great blogging tips. He's the best. You content is good...your motives are good...and your blog is good...keep posting and keep the faith. Well done.

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