Devion writes his blog based on a great idea. That idea is we all need that little extra push...that little extra something to motivate us to get over that hump in life. This blog, although new, has a lot of potential to become a powerhouse in the blogging community for this simple reason. People love advice and positive people. Why do you think Doctor Phil and Opera are so successful. The blog has all the right marks with a counter and revenue...all it needs is some more fat. Keep the content flowing and fatten up the blog a little more is all the advice I have to offer. Nice job.

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Devion Ayers said...

I appreciate you taking the time to review my site. I am sure I have received a few new visitors (soon to become new members, I hope) due to your positive review.

Is it possible that you enlighten me as to what you meant by "fattening up" my site. Please excuse me for not understaning the terminology. I'm new to the blogging arena.