Writers Write

Ian's blog is a great advertisement for his passion( I can't say hobby because he's been published) of writing. Take no offense to this next statement, but every time I think of writers and writing, in regards to the novel, I think of the Billy Crystal movie, Throw Mama From The Train. This movie is a comedy about lots of things but what sticks out in my memory was the following..."The night was moist". Having said that I think that Ian's blog is once again the perfect example of the greatness of this media outlet. Here is a professional writer who gets to expose his writing to the world for all to read. I, myself, will be checking back in to read his 100 day novel and I suggest you do the same. Right on!


lastonehere said...

Ian will love you for calling him a professional writer. I know for a fact, that is what he wants most.

Not only is he a great writer but also a great mentor.

ian said...

The night is indeed moist here, but I have to make one slight correction to Billy Mac: I am not yet published, but working mightily to accomplish just that. Thanks for reviewing my blog!

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