Who Writes?

I may have jumped the gun just giving an honorable mention in my last post in regards to Mimi's other blog...I took a quick look at it after I published the last post and the quick look turned into a closer look and look what I found...
Mimi Writes...
Leather and Locks

"I've been blogging for 40 years.
In a little leather diary with a tiny lock and key. Deep dark secrets stuffed under the mattress.
My mother never found it. The three nosy siblings I shared a room with never found it. I hope. The juicy stuff was encrypted anyway; not even my best friend knew the code.
Scandals ran amuck in my Barbie doll world. Highly classified information between neatly lined pages; written under the cover with purple pens and buttered popcorn. Trying not to breathe or rustle the leaves and wake up my sister, who went to sleep hours before my nocturnal musings began. "
How true is this excerpt from Mimi's blog? As I've been saying...blogging is such a new media form that is touching people's lives in so many is just another example. Aside from that I have to say hat's off to this blog...I think if the format you are toying with takes off it will be cool to watch it grow...Keep on blogging!

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Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you so much for this great review. I am humbled and wish you the best here at Critique My Blog!
This is a blog I will check often. Thanks again.
Mimi Lenox