Soap Star first question is, ARE YOU SELLING SOAP YET?!?! If so then what is your web site? If you have a web site then why aren't you advertising it on your blog...and if you don't have a web site then why don't you set up a paypal account or an ebay account and start selling. I think entrepreneurs are fantastic! You have a popular product....soaps...and you have a media outlet to start getting the word out. Now that that's been said....want to start a far I've critiqued a singer...a (a guitar player) and myself a trombone player. What a musical bunch of bloggers. Speaking of bloggers...I liked the blog alot...the writing flowed and and was interesting and kept with a theme...Nice job...Now go sell some soap!!

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Grace said...

Actually, I just gave away all my soap supplies today. It's too much for us moving from a house into a loft. Still working on the music career. :)