Lights Camera Action

I have to start the critique by giving a bottom feeder alert! The syndrome that seems to affect a lot of blogs has also attacked this poor man. He's got a blog about Hollywood and a pretty cool one at that. My aunt was in Show Business in New York with her own Show called Marge and Jeff in the early days of TV, so I'm partial to anything to do with Show Biz. Nice job and keep up the good work! Just try to fix your sidebar.


Portnoy said...

You can't start your critique to a Jew in showbiz by telling him the sidebar is crooked. That's all he'll think about. (for life)

thanks for the critique. :)

if anyone knows how to make my site Visually pleasing I could sure use the help. I have a LARGE budget too. Like 50 bucks?

MatthewTheRetroPerson said...

I've always wanted to see the TV show "Marge and Jeff", I researched and alot of episodes still exist. I hope it gets released on DVD someday.