Innocent Lie

Don't let the title of this blog fool you...yes it's about arthritis and having a knee replacement, but it is also full of lot's of good stories and ideas....There is a feature called Friday 5's where Cathy picks 5 blogs and comments on them...and an interesting idea about gathering bloggers, giving them a story title, and letting each blogger write a story about that title and comparing notes...lots of good stuff here...Keep the blog rolling by all means Cathy....don't get discouraged about the loss of the arthritis to write about...the ideas you've come up with so far are fantastic!!!

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cathy said...

Ahhh, thank you for saying so many nice things about me. I'am kind of addicted to your blog already.

BTW...Your site has been on my sidebar since I first read you a few days ago. Look under "misc. blogs I read"...:)