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I love smart blogs...blogs that are written with wit and lots of thought...that's what Lizza brings us here. From a cool post about the word "Fuck" to an earlier post entitled "my truths" , Lizza's insightful look at things both in her own little world and outside it is terrific...She also has a cool feature called Blog World Saturdays where she herself comments on blogs she's chosen and likes...Awesome criticism...I don't like the way I have to scroll from one side to the other...that is a little bothersome...I can get over it though because it truly is a hip blog...Well done. Keep it coming.


Violet said...

Hi. Just wanna say that I'm finding some great blogs to read, from reading your reviews. Thanks.

Lizza said...

Thank you very much, Billy Mac! I apologize for the scrolling thing, I never realized other people were seeing it like that because it doesn't appear that way on my monitor. No one's mentioned it to me before. :-) I shall endeavor to rectify.

You deserve rounds of applause for what you're doing.