Gathered us the kids and they moved to Beverly...Stop...Reverse

In today's hustle and bustle world I'm almost envious of Phelan and her family as they moved to the boondocks and survived! This is a really interesting story that is just amazing to me , a city boy living a stone throw away from center city Philadelphia, PA. It chronicles how Phelan and her family decided to move to what is described as a homestead which conjures up images of the TV show Bonanza in my mind. There are great stories and adventure (nearly getting sucked up by a recent Tornado) and everything in between. A definite read in my opinion. Will be checking in from time to time and thanks for the inspiration...if I can convince my wife I'd do the same thing.

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Phelan said...

Sorry, i meant to reply sooner. Thank you for critiquing my blog. Happy to hear you enjoyed it. And good luck with the wife.