Erotic Blush I've seen it all...I can feel my face blush as I was reading this blogger spin tales of wonderfully written erotica. A newbie to the blog circuit and already a heavy hitter with a high traffic following! Keep the content flowing and I'm sure you'll keep the readers...uh...Coming pun intended :) Well written and tastefully done...It's on the Macker Top 5!


Anne Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Billy ! Thank you, thank you, thank you ! I appreciate it so much !!!
Anne Elizabeth of MakeMyCopCome

p.s. I'm going to make this a new post on my blog today, and refer people to yours !

Theresa said...

That's great Anne Elizabeth. It s fun isn't it! I will hit 2000 this week, if not today! Of course I am having to stay off of it, so I don't run it up myself!

Edward said...

Congrats you deserve all the reviews!

A.S.S. said...

Nice review!

-Todd & Suzy

nina said...

Congratulations Darling, Well deserved!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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