In flip this body there is some definite eye catchers when it comes to story and flow. Body transformation is always a cool thing and the blog has some pictures of weight loss that are fantastic in my opinion...I guess this is where I admit that I'm trying to flip my own body and lose weight. Julie does a great job of entertaining with her writing where her creativity shines thru in each post! Being an actress is easy to understand as you read through the posts where you can almost sense what kind of mood Julie is in. On a personal note I have to say great find for the splenda flavored coffee..."You have a great taste in television" - Denny Crane. This brings me to my next important comment inspired by Denny and it is this. If you ever get any criticism about what you've blogged about or opinion you posted and people ask why you'd dare print such a thing, simply reply..."Because my name is on Blog"- (again) Denny Crane.

Last but not least I took the liberty of quoting an excerpt from your blog that rings true for a lot of bloggers and is part of what I preach in some other posts.

Julie writes:"Wow! That last post was my 100th post. Yay! It's only been about 2 months since I've started blogging, and man, has it been fun. I've met so many great people and I have found my passion for writing again. Yahoo!!! "

Sums it all up in my opinion


Julie said...

What a nice review. Thanks Billy. And just to make sure you know, it's not Splenda flavored coffee that I was writing about --- it's flavored Splenda packets that you ADD to coffee. So they're just like regular Splenda sweetner packets, except they're flavored French Vanilla or Hazelnut, etc. Still sounds yum yum though.

Jessie said...

Flip this body rocks! Julie is one cool gal in my book!