Amish paradise!

Weird Al Yankovic had a song out in the 80's or 90's where he sang a parody to a song and titled it Amish Paradise. The video was straight stereotype and portrayed an image of ridged men and woman being Amish. Thank the Lord Lue came along to set the record straight! As great as the last blog was I critiqued I'd have to say that this blog about Lue and her husband Bert who both left the Amish faith and now writes a blog about here everyday life and the adventures that present themselves to her family on a daily basis. A well written and interesting this blog is, it is equally...well...nice. For lack of a better word let's use nice. Lue ends each post with something she is thankful for which reflects her strong Christian background and says a lot about her as a person. I have a double motive for liking this blog in that I worked for some time on the road in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and have been stuck in many a"buggy jam" on the back roads of the area. It was some of the most relaxed times driving I've ever experienced. I loved driving along watching the farmers do their work and the Amish people's kind ways. Anyway. Job well done on the blog Lue. I highly recommend having a peak.


LookinginmyRearviewMirror said...

Gosh Billy Mac, you flatter me! I like what you are doing here. I will link you up and hope it will draw some more attention to your site.



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