Read...and you will be read!

If you build it...they will come. Same thing goes to the above...One night sit down and just take a ride on the "Random Blog" button in blogger. Read some of the blogs and then take advantage of that little button at the bottom of the post called the "comment" . This is where you can post a comment about the topic and leave your calling card. Give a little direction to your blog in this box along with your comment and you'd be surprised how much of a response you'd get in terms of traffic. Sometimes this link will need to be approved by the blogger, who often times out of curiosity will take a look at your blog. After that the post is there forever for others whocomment to read and see and often times will check out the other commentor's <--wrong spelling alert; blog. Sure it's a slow boat to China, but blogging isn't about instant gratification or becoming the next Hemingway, it's about your passion to write or your passion for your topic, with the hopes that others will feel the same way. So this is just another stepping stone in the pond of readership.

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