I've discovered over the years that the best way to build traffic and readership for your blog is to network. Whether it be linking to each others blogs or using forum groups or using Blogit, it's networking that increases traffic and so I've started this blog as a networking opportunity. Anyone can link here, if you have a blog on wordpress or yahoo or AOL or you just have your own web site about widgets, I want you to link here! The best way to do this is email me with your blog address. All I ask is that you in turn link this blog to your blog. I will review your blog and when linkarama appears at your site I will add your site to this one. You will see the snowball effect that will start to happen as people linking to this page start to check out everyone else's blogs. This is especially good for folks who use affiliate programs because it increases your chances to earn money with increased traffic to your site! So let the games begin. Let's see if we can hit the million link mark and how long it will take! If you need assistance linking this blog to yours let me know in the e-mail.

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