Blog traffic

What's the reason people blog. To have their story told? To express themselves? To show people what they know? All of the above? There are alot of reasons. The one thing that is true is that if you don't work on improving your blog traffic then you might as well keep a journal in a copy book because no one will read it. I have a friend who started a blog a month ago who has recently deleted it because no one was reading it. It was about jazz music. This person is an expert in the field, but he did nothing to promote his blog. You need to take an active role in promoting your blog or it will go by the wayside never to be read. Manually adding your blog to search engines, talking your blog up in forums, linking to pages like this all are a great start. So email me your link using the link to your right that says, "email me your link" and it will be posted on this page, and if you would be so kind, link my blog to you r blog in return.

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